Georgia Fort is a two time Emmy nominated Media Producer and Television Correspondent. Her reporting has been published on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates. Her mission as a storyteller is to amplify truth, inspire, inform and agitate change. Most recently she produced a short documentary “George Floyd: It Happened Here”, which amplifies the voices of individuals who are from the neighborhood where George Floyd was killed. Prior to that Fort, co-directed and edited the award winning documentary Rondo: Beyond the pavement which is now available on amazon prime. Outside of media, she’s in the process of changing maternity leave laws in Minnesota after losing her job as an anchor because she wasn’t eligible for FMLA. A true advocate for change, the Minnesota native has over a decade of broadcast experience that spans from public radio and government television to national commercial television broadcasting. As a journalist she publicly explored her passion for philanthropy and community involvement by giving a visual platform to the stories and individuals that continuously shape her community.

Her coverage of a controversial officer involved shooting was nominated for an Emmy and received honorable mention by the Southeast Chapter of the National Academy of Television. Before her promotion as an anchor, Georgia was the court and crime reporter for the ABC and Fox affiliates in Columbus, GA where she covered gruesome murder trials and uncovered a series of investigative pieces. Georgia graduated from the University of St. Thomas where she advocated for student parents and diversity inclusion. She has three daughters and is married to boxing gym owner and professional boxer Cerresso Fort. In 2007, after her oldest daughter passed away, she became an Ambassador for Faith’s Lodge, a non-profit that provides retreat for parents who have lost a child. Internally, her resilience is the catalyst that allows her to continuously reshape her own narrative as she outwardly advocates to change the narrative for the black community.


    Consistent top rated primetime midday radio personality


    Regular model featured on National TV Network ShopNBC.

  3. BET’s 106&PARK

    BET appearance as judge for freestyle Friday on 106 & Park.


    Featured in Vibe Vixen, Madame Noire, Worldstar & more

  5. FOXIE 105

    Moved to Columbus GA as co-host for morning show on Foxie 105


    Transitioned into news as reporter for ABC & Fox affiliates in Columbus, GA


    Nominated for Emmy receiving honorable mention on coverage of officer involved shooting

2017 hired as anchor fro NBC affiliate in Duluth, MN

2017 nominated for Emmy

2017 Exclusive interview with Police chief on family tie to lynchings

2017 did not get maternity leave lost news job

2018 Debuted award winning documentary Rondo: Beyond The Pavement

2019 First to break footage of wrongful death of Minnesota inmate

2020 Authored a bill for maternity leave reform & testified at State Capitol to change laws surrounding maternity leave

2020 Launched independent platform