“My goal is to continuously reshape my own narrative as I outwardly advocate to change the narrative for the black community.”

I use to joke when people asked me what I did for a living I’d tell them I get paid to talk all day. Of course that was back in my radio days but after 12 years of radio and news combined to put it simply I really have mastered the ability to compel people through talking by being intentional on the stories I communicate while I have their attention. The other piece to this is tailoring the message to the audience. Having a background in hip hop radio to anchoring full newscasts I learned how to adapt my delivery so that it could be best recieved by the audience.

As a result, these skills have transferred seamlessly into opportunities to give keynote speeches, facilitate events, moderate panels and advocate for policy change.


If hired to deliver a keynote or speak in any capacity for your organization we will go through a series of questions to identify the purpose of your event and the message you want conveyed. Based on the initial intake, Georgia Fort will perform research and craft a narrative specifically designed to move the minds and hearts of your audience.

Specializing in media, race, equity, civil and human rights advocacy, small business development, leadership development, women empowerment, motherhood and childloss.

Keynote/Speaking Engagements


• YMCA Regional EMLE Diversity Conference

• Daddy’s Girls State Conference

• State Capitol State Rep. Jobs Committee

• Minnesota House of Representatives hearing for maternity leave reform 



• UNCF Emower Me Tour

• Columbus State University Power of Media

• African American Leadership Forum: Black Maternal Health

• Twins Stadium “We need more than allies, we need accomplices”



• National Crime Victim Rights Week

• Childlife Conference: Equity Actions

• Women’s Empowerment Luncheon